Braintree Community Hub

At Braintree Community Hub within Braintree District Council, we have been receiving phone calls from residents who are extremely high risk and receiving food parcels from the Government. Although they are grateful for the parcel they are able to get food either by home delivery from a supermarket or family and so the parcel is not needed. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a way of stopping the parcels at source. Would you be able to help us spread the below information to the community please?

If you have had a Government food parcel delivered to your home which you do not want the food bank would be very grateful to receive them as they can be re-distributed to those in need.

Please email or call 01376 557883 to arrange for your unwanted box to be collected from your home and taken to the food bank.

Thank you and take care.

Kind regards,

Braintree Community Hub