Essex Fraud Alert

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Communication from Rob Huddleston, Chief Inspector 1385, Colchester District Commander/North Local Policing Area/Essex Police

We have seen a number of “Courier Fraud” offences across the County where elderly victims are contacted by people claiming to be their bank who trick the victim into disclosing their pin, and then to a visit by a “courier” to collect or swap their bank cards which are used to withdraw their money.

Please may I ask that you share this across your networks, including parish councils,  so it reaches as many vulnerable people as possible. In order that we can attempt to safeguard the wider community especially those vulnerable people who are being targeted.

Stay Safe Courier Fraud Warning

Rob Huddleston Chief Inspector 1385 Colchester District Commander/North Local Policing Area/Essex Police

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Essex Fraud Alert 24 April 20