Essex Police Organised Crime Newsletter – Rogue Traders

With the recent named storms (Dudley, Eunice & Franklin) battering Britain during the past fortnight, many of us suffered fallen trees, damage to chimneys, roof tiles, fence panels and sheds, now we need to get the damage fixed and find suitable builders/tradespersons.

Trouble is rogue traders will use occasions like bad storms to prey upon unsuspecting victims. They will often go to an area and look for signs of elderly residents, such as key-safes, door ramps and decor. They will then call on those vulnerable residents and offer to carry out either unnecessary work or heavily overpriced and
substandard work.

Often the rogue traders will use aggressive or pressure selling tactics in order to obtain agreement to have work done from their vulnerable customers. So be wary of any tradespersons who cold call and knock at your door, however also be cautious of leaflets put through your letterbox and websites recommending trades people. This is another way some rogue traders may try to reel you in, making misleading or false claims and posting fake references.

Full Newsletter download here Essex OCN 11 – Rogue Traders 2- Feb 2022