Lawn Cemetery, Garden of Remembrance and Natural Burial Grounds

Lawn Cemetery, Garden of Remembrance and Natural Burial Grounds

The Great Yeldham Burial Ground is on the Ridgewell Road out of Great Yeldham. It is in a very attractive setting with trees on either side and open ground behind it.  The Burial Ground is owned and maintained by the Parish Council. 

The Lawn Cemetery/Garden of Remembrance

Opened in 1974 when the existing churchyard became full, the Lawn Cemetery has been created in a delightfully quiet and tranquil setting on the outskirts of the village of Great Yeldham,  within walking distance of the church of St. Andrew.

This bright and sunny spot is beautifully kept within a rich green lawn and is surrounded by mature trees which shed their lengthening shadows over the neat rows of graves as day progresses.  Situated within the cemetery is a small building providing a sheltered area where mourners can wait undercover in inclement weather.  For those requiring a traditional burial, this site has much to offer and is accessible at all times for relatives and friends to visit.

The Glades Natural Burial Ground

The Glades Natural Burial Ground is a natural burial ground to the rear of the formal Parish Burial Ground (The Lawns Cemetery) on the Ridgewell Road, Great Yeldham.

In a 4 acre area of outstanding beauty, this Natural Burial Ground has been created for those who wish to have an eco-friendly burial in order to preserve the country-side for future generations.

Burials take place in bio-degradable coffins or in simple shrouds and the Ground is available to all or no faiths.

Opened in 2007, this field site has been transformed by the planting  of more than 500 native bushes and trees and the transformation of a wild grass area into a natural wild flower meadow.   The site is divided into “Glades” named after wild flowers. Situated on a slight downwards slant, The Glades offers wonderful views across to mature woodland and is a natural habitat for many species of wild life both on the ground and in the air above.


The Burial or Scattering of Ashes

The Lawn Cemetery has a consecrated area set aside for the burial of ashes named The Garden of Remembrance. This quiet area is in one corner of the Cemetery and is well maintained with defined areas for individual burials. The corner is surrounded by mature trees and a well-placed bench provides a seat for quiet meditation. An appointment can be arranged to allow relatives to attend and witness the final disposal of the cremated remains within the Bluebell Glade (Monday to Friday 10.00am to 3.00pm)

The Glades Natural Burial Ground has an area put aside for the scattering of ashes.  This space, named The Bluebell Glade, to the right-hand side of the meadow, is delineated by a knee-high fence and is planted with small trees and bushes whilst abutting a neighbouring wood of mature trees.




Memorials can be purchased/leased in memory of loved ones

  • Memorial Bench Scheme Memorial benches can be purchased and placed within the grounds.
  • Memorial Bench Plaque Scheme An engraved bronze plaque can be puchased on a 10 year renewable lease and fixed to a bench located in the front of the sheltered seating area.
  • Ashes Memorial Plaque (Bluebell Glade) An engraved bronze plaque can be purchased on a 10 year renewable lease and fixed to the fence surrounding the Bluebell Glade.

Regulations, fees and charges and application forms can be downloaded from the website.

The Burial Grounds Advisory Group 

Was established in June 2012 and has worked hard in the lawn cemetery with the removal of dead trees and pruning of others. The sheltered seating area has been refurbished and a fence erected at the rear to keep things looking tidy. Benches around the grounds have been restored. A new sign for the entrance to the cemetery has been erected. Work in the Glades Natural Burial Ground area has also taken place with pruning of established boundary hedges and the cutting of the grass to enable wild flower seeds to be scattered throughout. Unfortunately quite a few trees that were planted originally have not taken therefore, our next project  is to replace them and to produce a program of site management.


A small car park (for 8-10 cars) has been installed, located to the rear of the brick building.