Scams Warnings

The City of London Police fraud team have warned us about a new, extremely sophisticated scam going on this week, involving all banks. You may get a message saying a payment hasn’t been taken e.g. O2, Vodafone, 3, Giff Gaff or EE and to click here. As soon as you click the link your money is gone. They will already have your card details and it is proving to be one the most advance scams the bank of England has seen. Remain vigilant for this fraud, and be careful.


This week’s Essex Fraud Alert looks at an ongoing HMRC scam which we expect to see a resurgence of in the coming weeks. Covid-19 related scams are rising as we go back into lockdown. The advice therefore remains the same – Stop, Challenge and Protect. Never click on any links in unsolicited and unexpected emails. Please find the attached PDF to learn more.