Play Park (Bowtells Meadow)

Play Park (Bowtells Meadow)

Play Park, Bowtells Meadow, North Road.

The children’s play park located on Bowtells Meadow includes swings, slide, multi-climbing
frame, momentum disc, skateboard swing and roundabout.












Bowtells Meadow

Gray and Sons, the farmers who at present own the whole of Bowtells Meadow, will hand the Meadow over to the village as part of what is known as the 106 Agreement in respect of the new development in Church Road, Nun’s Green. As soon as 16, a stipulated percentage of the total number of houses to be built on the development, have been occupied, Bowtells Meadow will be transferred to the ownership of the Parish Council (PC).

The Working Group, set up by the Parish Council to consider ideas for the development of Bowtell’s Meadow, has now met and taken on board the suggestions made by the 17 people who responded to the initial consultation. A Public Consultation was held on the 26th October 2022 which discussed the suggestions and ideas put forward to the Parish Council.  The Working Group are now in the process of taking those ideas forward and developing an action plan.

  • To increase the size of the children’s playground by the addition of a new area approximately the size of the present playground, perhaps with equipment more suitable to older children.
  • Make the area into a “park” with some seats at intervals placed around the Meadow, perhaps with flower borders, shrubs and a wild flower area.







  • Lay winding gravel paths around the perimeter of the field for people walking with or without dogs.
  • Keep most of the Meadow cut closer than at present, for children to play in/families to have picnics etc.

Example landscape

Illustrations by James Blake Associates