BT Kiosk – Community Display

At a recent meeting of the Parish Council it was proposed that the recently refurbished BT Kiosk situated on the High Street outside the Reading Room would trial themed displays based on seasonal events.  The idea was suggested by local resident Christine Watkins who has been working hard on refurbishing the kiosk and producing some wonderful displays.

If you would like to volunteer and help Christine in producing future displays please contact the Parish Clerk.  Christine would welcome  help and ideas.


The Remembrance Theme in November was a very emotional one which many of you seemed to appreciate.

The Christmas lights in the kiosk will be turned on at same time as the Village Green Christmas Tree Lights and Carol Service.

There will be a break in January and more information on themes will follow in the February issue of the Magazine.

Your Halloween decorations throughout the village looked a treat and I am looking forward to seeing your Christmas displays.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Christine Watkins,  Volunteer


Do you have a theme in mind that you would like to show or discuss for the Kiosk? If so, please supply your contact details to the office and I will get back to you.

Please note however that it cannot be used for Commercial/Business Advertising.












Remembrance Sunday