Council Members

Working Groups

  • Bowtells’ Meadow: Cllrs Burr, Burrows, Singh, Marks, King and Theobald.
  • Burial Grounds: Cllrs Burrows, Marks, Theobald and Mr Cornwell.
  • ICT/Communication (4VM, Broadband, Website/Facebook/Notice Board: Cllrs Marks (Editor 4VM) Burr, Lovell, Theobald and Clerk (lead Website/Noticeboard/Facebook).
  • Emergency Planning: Cllr Rawlinson (Chairman), Burrows, King and Theobald.
  • Environment Amenities, Footpaths and Open Spaces: Cllrs Burr, Burrows, King and Lovell.
  • Finance & General Purposes: Cllrs Rawlinson, King, Marks and Burr
  • People/Families/Vulnerable People: Cllrs Burr, Singh, King, Lovell, Rawlinson and Clerk