Great Yeldham Sports and Recreation Ground – Pump House

I’m sure you have noticed the small building, which is situated between the zipwire, and picnic benches up at the recreation ground.  The building has been there for many years, and we have been told that it was originally built as a pump house for the ammunition storage unit that used to be on the hardstanding, where we now have the skate park and basketball nets. Where the picnic benches are used to be a water deposit. They built them both in case they had a fire in the units as the fire service took a little longer back then to arrive.

The Sports Ground Management Committee are looking to renovate the old pump house. The idea is to clean, then paint the building and have benches installed.

Some funding has been secured towards materials but would appreciate any help from the community to complete this project. If you can/are

  • donate your time to help with the renovations, this includes cleaning, painting, making and/or installing the benches.
  • a business who could donate materials or extra funds to the project.

Please contact the parish clerk 01787 237832 or email or